GDPR Templates Kit

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GDPR Templates Kit

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The GDPR Templates Kit is your fast track to EU GDPR compliance. It contains all the necessary document templates and tools together with detailed instructions.

The GDPR Templates Kit is suitable for organisations (regardless of size and industry focus) that seek to become GDPR compliant with minimal time, effort and cost.

In the product description below you can see a list of all documents and tools included in the Kit (click on a document for full preview).



The GDPR Templates Kit contains all the documents and tools you need in order for your organisation to become compliant with the requirements of GDPR. The Kit contains the following templates (click on each one for preview):


There is a separate file in the Kit with instructions how to approach your GDPR compliance implementation, the steps to follow, and how to adapt the templates to the specifics of your organisation.

There is also a GDPR compliance checklist in the file which you can use after implementation to verify that you have met all necessary conditions.

All documents are in MS Word or MS Excel formats and are fully editable.When you purchase the GDPR Templates Kit, you will also receive free updates for one year from your date of purchase.


What our customers say

Victor Pomeroy
 This toolkit is great. I am so glad that I bought with you guys now. I had a quick review of the Security Policy - it is short and brilliant. I also checked the Data Map Example. This is a work of genius - the best I have seen. I have IAPP CIPP/E qualification. My conclusion is that you truly understand how to make GDPR into something practical for businesses out there. Value is 10/10 - I wish you Success 🙂 You have made one of the most complex challenges I have ever done into an affordable 20 document (manageable and sustainable) solution. I am so impressed by your work here. Thank you again GDPR Champions 🙂 . Victor 
Ian Hughes
 A nice set of documents here to help a business of any size.